A Whole Day in Khiva, Uzbekistan


At first glance, you may be forgiven for believing Khiva’s old city, a sunken neighbor town, has been constructed especially for tourists. The glittering turquoise tilework, sand-coloured city walls, pristine marketplace stalls and towering minarets provide the impression you’ve inadvertently drifted into a living tradition.

There is more into the 6th century town of Khiva than you could imagine. This spectacular Silk Road old city is really filled with culture and history and has been destroyed and reconstructed many times over centuries. It’s most likely best known as having a significant trading post which linked China and Rome throughout the Silk Road glory times.


Must remain in the Orient Star

The Orient Star resort is one of the better resorts within the old city and is situated within the historical Mukhamed Aminkhan madrassah, directly by the primary gate. It’s absolutely an adventure in a conventional madrassah, even if the rooms are somewhat thin and windowless.

The fantastic thing is that the air conditioning, mercifully, is leading. 8 rooms. The room amenities include your resort essentials such as WiFi, mini-bar and phone. www.surewin365.com

Owing to the magnificent structure, there are generally throngs of traveling groups and vacationers hanging around outside the resort, craning their necks for snaps of its minaret, Kalta Minor.

Khiva is split into two different areas the Ichon-Qala region that’s home to Khiva’s old city and the contemporary Dichon-Qala region, which is where the majority of the inhabitants reside.

Most tourists just stop by the historical old city. Spend a day in this UNESCO World Heritage site and you’ll see busloads of tour groups drifting around this streamlined, tourist-friendly, remote city.

To go to the old city, you want to input through one of the four entrance gates. The official entry is the western gate where you are able to get an entry ticket which will make it possible for you to see the museums, historical buildings and minarets, for approximately 150,000 Som the local money (approx $16/£13).

The very top viewpoints of Khiva are out of the very top of this Juma minaret, the tower of its 10th-century mosque, among the greatest points in town.

To get a price of about $2 (£1.62), you are able to scale the 81 measures and on the peak of this 47-metre minaret. If you are able to will yourself up the claustrophobic and dark spiral stairs, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning panorama of the older city.

Should Have tea in Teahouse Farrukh

Enjoy tea in normal Uzbek design, popped up with colourful cushions onto a type of table-bed coated with bold fabrics. The shaded surrounding supplies some much-needed respite in the sizzling temperatures out.

TIP: it’s honestly impossible to enter and leave a table mattress with any kind of dignity, believe awkward buttocks.

For your java lovers, there’s also a choice of lattes, black coffee and cappuccinos readily available, should you would like to deviate from conventional tea.

It is marginally more expensive than a number of the other tea homes but does redeem itself with complimentary WiFi and enchanting environment.

Must store in the market stalls

Khiva continues its long tradition of trading with superbly introduced marketplace stalls scattered around the old city. The neat stalls and enticing traders create Shopping at Khiva a true joy.

The stalls are filled with vivid fabrics, figurines, jewelry, traditional clothes and even fur hats, which will cause a wry grin when you think about the 98°F conditions.

Additionally, there are covered shopping areas such as the Eastern gate passageway. This passageway is also of historic importance as it had been traditionally where slaves were offered in Khiva.

Must admire the most beautiful tiles of Khuna Arc

The actual attraction here is your phenomenal, decorative tile function that’s a lasting relic of Silk Road wealth and glory. Additionally, this is definitely a scenic spot to receive those quintessential Silk street snaps.

There’s also a free day tourist operation which has traditional music, costumes and dancing.

Whilst it’s not possible to adhere to the story as a result of language barrier it’s wacky enough to keep you interested sufficient to the 20 or so minutes it continues.

Must finish the day at Restaurant Zarafshan

Eating at Uzbekistan is probably best considered a requirement as opposed to just one of life’s great delights. But, Restaurant Zarafshan provides standard Uzbek cuisine a fair shake and provides a nice dining experience to older city guests.

The restaurant can be found at Tolib Makhsum Madrasah and provides great views of this Islam Khodja architectural complicated.

Be certain that you dine from the exterior seating area to see dusk set in along with the neighboring buildings light up in a somewhat dazzling screen. Musicians also play a calming repertoire of classic songs to the day.